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Want to encourage innovation? Create environments that make people feel at home- but not too much

Is there a secret sauce to creating spaces, events and experiences that generate innovation? We’ve found that to be at their most creative, people need both familiarity and disruption. Environments that are most conducive to new results are those where people feel both at home and off-balance at the same time.

Innovators need feedback, not advice. Here’s how to make sure they get it.

“Let me tell you something” is a linguistic reflex that tells a long story: giving pre-packaged advice and transmitting common sense we’ve accumulated prevents many new ideas from becoming full-fledged models that work. Here are tools we’ve created to prevent that.

The future of work is a system that works for everyone

The way we build systems that integrate underutilized, high potential, invisible segments of the workforce will determine success for us all in the work of the future. This is an opportunity to design work for everyone. There’s a wide-open sky for multi-sector partnerships to start and scale.
Co-written with Jane Leu.

The impact of an image: creating a new visual language for migration

How does the way in which people are represented visually through media affect the way we relate to each other? Can art and design help?