If there was any doubt before, COVID-19 made it clear for all of us: we need more resilient systems.

Work, education, technology, the way we conduct business… it sometimes looks like our prototypes went wrong.

As a society, how do we build ways forward that might bring us to different results that work better for the system as a whole?

Ways to be more resilient when disruption hits us?

I’m lucky to call my tribe some of the most exciting practitioners trying out experiments in the fields of education, design and business, with impact and systems-thinking at their core.

Guided by common questions, we are joining forces to verbalize and share some of the answers we have shaped respectively through our practices.

Humbled by the influence we have by initiating projects, teaching and designing in what feels like some of the most exciting places on earth, we want to shape leadership models that embrace nimbleness, radical collaboration, humour, interdisciplinarity, openness about failure, a growth mindset and a bias towards action.

Discover our co-written pieces. We invite you to join us tracing ways forward with the whole system in mind.

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Four ways designers can use their craft to empower others

Design is often framed around creating “solutions,” which can run the risk of forgetting about the long term agency and ownership of the people we are creating those solutions for. What are we doing to facilitate a creative process that lives on after we are out of the picture? Here are some simple approaches to begin integrating this mindset into your creative practice. It’s up to all of us, and especially the new generations of designers, to reinvent new ways of working with people.

Co-written with Minnie Bredouw.

Four ways to equip budding scientists, engineers, and designers to work with human issues, not just tech issues

We see the need to enable a new generation of technical experts who are fluent in understanding, interpreting, and improving human systems, not just technical ones. Here we share four teaching practices that educators can use to increase this critical yet under-delivered capacity.

Coming soon:

Four ways to make sure the future of work actually works for everyone

Co-written with Jane Leu.

#Futureofwork #publicprivatepartnership #socialinnovation

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