A guide to help you create, convene and take part meaningfully in virtual spaces

Troubled times. New spaces. Old power… sitting alongside new power.

New opportunities to make your mark, create the conversations you want, engage with your communities, convene new ones.

Learn to navigate this emergent situation by being at your best right where most of the action is taking shape, and will continue to: in online spaces.

We’ll see you there, shining.

// Part 1: CREATE

How to create online people spaces that breathe and thrive

We need new spaces in which people can connect, collaborate, innovate and grow. We need these online people spaces to bring similar results across cultural and social contexts. Learn to be a part of the solution of the post-COVID-19 world.

// Part 2: CONVENE

Make use of your power by connecting your tribes

As participants or hosts to online spaces, we are all – consciously or not- creating new tables where we convene people, and showing up at other people’s tables. Do you have the right people with you to have the needed conversations? This is why your tribes need to connect.


How to be your full YOU in online events and leave your mark

Learn to fully show up as a participant on online events and be more present to others, so that you get more value from other participants’ ideas… and your unique point of view transforms the events you show up to.

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