who we are

Wow!Labs is an innovation studio operating globally since 2012.
Its co-founders are presently based in Paris and collaborators spread namely across San Francisco, Berlin, London and Helsinki.

Charlotte Hochman

Co-founder & Director


Michele Caleffi

Co-founder & Director


how we work

Solutions lie at the crossroads, as do most interesting problems.

We bring the latest experiments and findings from design, entrepreneurship and education to applied situations.

We gained our expertise on the field, where political, economic or social factors are volatile, often messy. 

We get results across cultures and build long-lasting partnerships across geographies.

We set up and manage private/public/academic partnerships that operate across sectors. We create interdisciplinary collectives & consortiums to achieve ambitious aims.

We thrive in contexts of VUCA (Volatility- Uncertainty- Complexity- Ambiguity) where predicting outcome through traditional means is difficult.

Our strengths lie in interdisciplinarity, rigour in experimentation, and passion for trying out in practice ourselves, across sectors, openly and side by side.

To work with us is to join a tribe that is highly demanding of itself, thinks together and compares notes. Results may belong to our clients, but learnings build the wider system which we’re trying to fix.

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