We create experiences based on the arts and engage conversations in public spaces and cultural institutions around emergent topics.

Which topics?

Those we collectively don’t know how to address yet as societies but in which we need to become fluent in order to evolve.

Get in touch to bring these experiences to your context, they are made to exist in different worlds.


How We Meet

Not So Fragile

What people say


“A fascinating project, and a provocative one. I bet this project will have people thinking for a long time.”
—  CJ Hayden, author and coach

“The exhibition and game were a beautiful way of reflecting our beliefs and mental patterns around equity and belonging – thank you so much for offering this great opportunity. » 
Ilsabe Van Campenhausen, Executive BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

“What an absolutely beautiful production. The portraits and the colours, the words, the quotes, the way it is introduced, it is a most touching and piercing piece of work. The experience is very smooth and accessible. What a fantastic achievement! “ 

“I found this concept very intriguing. In fact I visited it two days in a row as it shifted my thinking. Thank you for such thought provoking work.”
—  Terri

“This experience is very moving to me. The words have me pausing and thinking, the visual art has me looking more closely.  Your work inspired me and created a desire to use all my senses to engage with it. Thank you for producing such deep work.”
—  Marena

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