How We Meet aims to contribute to the experience of any diverse gathering of people. By watching the art film as a group, and then playing the board game, each person can reflect and share their own conditions for meaningful encounter, and be mindful in actively co-creating the needed environment.

How We Meet is an artistic experiment to explore and express ways in which peers come together in a space of trust and equality, and what happens if they do.

How We Meet also brings into question the conditions for a safe space to be created among peers in contexts of radical diversity, and for authentic sharing to happen within a group that convenes different life experiences and horizons.

In order to weave in a realm of expressions, cultural references and sensitivities, artistic contributions were harvested from individuals present at a series of gatherings. The result is an 8-minute film featuring these expressions, and music produced collaboratively on themes that emerged.

Why How We Meet?

The disruption brought by the pandemic in group gatherings provides us with a unique opportunity to reinvent the way we meet. More meaningful interactions are called for.
The project is a playful and soulful exploration of the conditions for gatherings, events and meetings to be reinvented, reinvested with meaning, re-encountered with wholler parts of ourselves.


A 9’ film for projection
Followed by a board game (freely downloadable) for people to play in small groups
Up to 100 participants.

Equipment needed
Projector + sound system
Printed board game
Pawns, ideally a small object people harvest from nature around them

A session of 45’ is ideal: 10’ projection time, 30’ for the game + transitions

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